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We put you in the right orbit

We develop sustainable software solutions so that you can get started digitally. Throughout the entire project cycle, we stand by your side as your reliable partner.

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Inhouse Consulting

The team inside the team

  • Our experts support the entire project on site
  • A permanent team will be on hand to advise you throughout the entire process
  • The team integrates itself into existing structures

Conception of software solutions

Involved right from the start

  • Already in the planning phase we work out a first schematic draft of the software solution together with the customer in concept workshops
  • The customized concept is constantly refined
  • We pay attention to current trends in usability


We develop high quality software

  • We accompany the entire project cycle from consulting and conception, through development and integration to implementation
  • Web development for Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Mobile:
    • Native and hybrid app development for all platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Agile tools
  • Scalable APIs, back- and front-end development and real-time applications

Project management

Qualified methods

  • Change, rollout, problem and incident management
  • Certified scrum master and scrum product owner
  • Project planning under consideration of all general parameters
  • Transparent progress and cost control

Personnel resources

There is always a solution

  • Entire project team
  • Individual support

Test & maintenance

Agile risk management

  • We actively ensure risk management with tests
  • With various testing tools (JUnit, espresso, UI-tests, automated UI-tests with Apium & Cucumber, XCTest) we test the functionality and non-functional features
  • With our maintenance services we ensure that the software solutions evolve with the trends and requirements


Houston we do NOT have a problem



  • Excelsior offers sustainable software solutions for the long-term use
  • This allows permanent adjustments

  • The web or app solutions always stay up-to-date with the latest professional and technological developments for an optimal user experience



  • The success of our clients is our mission
  • We take account of financial and technical requirements and report transparently on our progress
  • It is important to us to be open and honest to our customers so that our vision and ideas are understood by everyone

Project cycle

  • We cover the complete project cycle
  • From consulting through conception, development and integration right to the go-live and maintenance
  • With the help of agile software solutions and project management methods, we can flexibly control and successfully implement large-scale projects


  • As direct contact partners, we are always on site and available for our customers
  • Our team integrates well into the existing corporate structures
  • The smallest possible effort with the greatest possible trust


The world is becoming more and more digital and thus more complex: Until 2020, more than 4 billions of people will be connected to the internet. The future of many companies therefore lies in digitalization. But for many it is as mysterious as the universe.

With over 20 years of experience in web development, more than 10 years of experience in mobile app development and more than 5 years of consulting experience in the financial sector, we provide the necessary expertise and support.

The process of our collaboration is as follows:



Together with the department, we work out and finalize the project idea. In the next step, the concept is written down in the form of a so-called epic/user story. This document contains all requirements for the final module.


Requirement process

In the requirements management, the epic/user story is evaluated in terms of content and structure by various development departments. It has to be estimated which systems have to be used and when and where systems have to be adjusted and, if necessary, a software has to be rewritten. If the epic/user story is accepted, the department head will receive a cost-indication estimate as well as information on personnel resources.



Our development department works out the module according to the epic/user story. The sprint cycles are based on your preferences. Depending on the company structure, the sprint cycles usually last between two and four weeks. The developed module then goes into the system test.


Test & approval

The testers approve the module and test it for bugs and defects. If the testers have findings, the module goes back to development to get fixed. Once the tests run without errors, the module will be deployed.


Product deployment & maintenance

In the final acceptance all surrounding systems of the main system are tested again. If they work well, the product can be made available.

about us

Mission specialists

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Nikolaos Papagiannis and Alexander Bauer get to know each other at school in Bielefeld. After that, both studied business informatics and started working for the same company.


The introduction of the first iPhone also marks the beginning of the era of mobile app development. Both founders have been involved in app development since then and have more than 20 years of web development experience.


After their paths had separated for a short time, they realized in 2009 that they work best together as a team.


Niko and Alex started their own business and work together since then.


Alex and Niko found Excelsior out of frustration with large companies that focus rather on the margin than on professional and qualitative implementation.


Our employees, who all have a background in IT and are specialists in their fields, share the vision of always supporting customers with honest consulting and sustainable software solutions.



Do you share our vision? Would you like to be part of a friendly team? And are you ready for varied, challenging tasks? Then apply now!

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We are happy to answer all your questions about our services and our consulting as well as our job offers.

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Phone: +49 (0)176 70237305

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